Update table data requires refresh

On Tab A, I have Table A and Form A. Form A has a checkbox field named "contract_executed". The form uses an event handler to submit the form and a success trigger to refresh the table.

On Tab B, I have Table B and Form B. The table uses a query to popuplate the table based on the value of the database field "contract_executed" (the same field from Form A).

SELECT * FROM projects WHERE (Contract_Executed = TRUE)

The problem I am having is that when I change "contract_executed" on Tab A, Form A, the change is not available on Tab B, Form B unless I refresh the browser window.

How can I get Tab B, Form B to always show the latest updates to the database?

I think you would have to trigger the component (Table B) to refresh as part of the success events of Table A's refresh.

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Thanks @pyrrho that worked.

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