Unable to use Google Analytics

Hello, we would like connect our application to Google Analytics using the Analytics feature of Retool.

This works as expected with the Standard Out but noting happens with Google Analytics.

Here are our steps:

  • In Settings > Advanced > Instrumentation then click on [Connect] for Google Analytics:
    For the Google Analytics Tracking ID field we used the Measurement ID of our project as describe in this explanation since this is the new way to manage Tracking ID in Google Analytics 4.
  • In an application, we added an Analytics event then we trigger it with the default payload (time and email props)
  • We see that nothing happened in our Google Analytics dashboard, ie. there is no event.

Do you have any idea of how to troubleshoot the issue ?


Hey there! Can I ask how you are hoping to use Google Analytics?

Hello @lauren.gus, here are some example of information executives would like to be aware of:

  • When did users log-in and log-out? (eg. count of connections, average duration of the connection)
  • What pages they visited? (eg. top pages visited, average duration per page)
  • Weekly summary

For that, we were planning to add some Analytics events here and there in applications that can then be aggregated in Google Analytics.

All these information can actually be inferred from the Retool logs, but this requires extra work compared to just plug Google Analytics.


Thank you for the breakdown! I am looking into this with my team, but potentially there could be issues with setting up Google Analytics 4 currently. Are you able to connect to Universal Analytics?

Hi Lauren, any luck with this? I can confirm that I can connect to UA but GA4 is still not working.


Hey there :wave: Unfortunately no updates here, we still recommend using Universal Analytics.

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