Unable to read properties of undefined

Hey there. So I ran into a bit of a problem of been trying to fix for a little while now and I still can't fully figure it out.

I tried to make a query that allowed me to update multiple rows on a table with a set color and while it worked with one, once I tried to move it up to more, it gave me this error.

I now can't connect to any of the values inside of data and it gives an error saying that it can no longer read the properties inside data and data itself remains undefined. I'm unsure of what went wrong as beforehand there were no problems regarding it in the slightest. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Ltwaphlz, you are accessing an array and what you are showing in the left panel is your alarmtab.data and not alarmtab.selectedRow. Your filter by should also be an IN operator rather than an '=' operator since you are filtering by a list of ids.

Hey @jocen , looks like I put up the wrong information in the screenshot true true. I'll put up one that's more accurate. The IN solution didn't seem to work either however and the '=' operator had previously worked in my other application. I'll show the working query one below the updated picture.

@Ltwaphlz, oh I see. You're using postgres so might want to add ANY on that id field value.
i.e. ANY({{ your selected row input here}})

Reference on this SQL cheatsheet