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Looks like you have a dependecy error - you're trying to define a SQL query that populates a table but also that table populates part of the query. One has to happen before the other and this is why it's not working.
Maybe you need to make FileUP a separate picker, as you have with the date range and search fields? Perhaps you can explain what you're hoping to do?


I'm not sure myself it was working just fine before i closed it and when i opened it again after some time it shows this error "Dependency Cycle Found:". All of my {{}} are all highlighted in red. I'm submitting data using a form into a database and extracting the data using inner join. whenever i clicked any of the components the error message appears.


If your table can't populate, because of a dependency issue, then I'd expect that you'll have this issue where things are in red.

The dependency issue seems to the be the cause - how have you tried to resolve that?
query selects data, table displays data
If the query needs to use data from the table then how can it run if the table hasn't been populated because the query hasn't run yet.
It's this logic that you'll need to figure out first and more than likely the other errors will resolve then too as they're all seemingly related to the table and selectedRow data.