Unable to make changes to triggers

I made a workflow on Retool a few months ago that triggers a specific time of the day, say 9am.

Recently, I wanted to make a change to this so it triggers instead at 10am.

However, when I try to edit or delete the trigger, it gives me the following error

What is the reason for this? As far as we know, everyone is set up with the same access settings across the org, but let us know if we have missed anything.

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@arun_aa Welcome to the community :wave:

1. Verify User Permissions

Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to modify the trigger. Even if everyone in your organization has similar access settings, specific triggers or workflows might have more restrictive permissions.


  • Check User Role: Go to the Retool admin panel and navigate to the 'User Management' section.
  • Verify Role Permissions: Ensure you have a role that includes permission to edit workflows and triggers. Common roles with these permissions include Admin or Developer.

2. Check Workflow-Level Permissions

Some workflows have permissions set at the workflow level which might override general user roles.


  • Navigate to the specific workflow in Retool.
  • Check the workflow settings to see if there are any specific access controls restricting who can modify it.
  • Make sure your user account lists the required permissions.

3. Collaborate with Admins

If you don’t have admin access, collaborate with an admin in your organization to modify the trigger.


  • Request Assistance: Ask an admin user to check your permissions and either modify the trigger on your behalf or adjust your permissions.

4. Auditing Logs

Check the auditing logs/screen in Retool to track changes in permissions or ownership for the workflow or triggers. This can give you a clue if any recent changes have caused the issue.


  • Navigate to the activity logs section from the admin or settings panel.
  • Review logs around the time you last successfully modified the trigger and any subsequent changes that might have affected permissions.

Contact Retool Support

If you’ve verified permissions and still encounter issues, there may be a bug or a deeper configuration issue, reach out to Retool Support via their help center.