Workflow trigger - can't update a trigger I created

I can't update a trigger I created for a workflow also created by myself. Anyone has same issue before?

we have several workflows with cron triggers, and it's expected that any engineer in our team can enable/disable those triggers at any time. But it seems that only trigger creator can actually toggle it, everyone else receives "You are not authorized to modify this trigger" error. But still everyone has permissions to delete triggers, so as a workaround we can just delete a trigger and then create a new one. Do we do something wrong or is this expected behavior? How can we configure triggers to be editable by everyone in the team?

Hi @Yisheng_Guo and @Yurii_Shylov! Happy to help here. Do you know if your org has any granular permissions set that might be restricting you from editing workflows?

We have permission control. Admin already assigned me all the rights. However I were able to edit the triggers I created before. It is a common issue here now. We kinda lost all of access to existing trigger and have to ask admin to delete old and recreate.

That's so strange. Are all users blocked from editing the triggers?

Admins still can edit. Only devs have this problem. We can edit triggers after we recreated them but not the ones we created before.

Got it! Would you be able to reach out to an admin and have them double check your permissions? They'll need to go to Settings > Permissions > Look through any permission groups that you (and other devs) might be in to see if there are any Workflow permission restrictions

Thank you for sharing that! If you click the Workflows tab, do you see any permission restrictions?

Thank you for confirming! Back to the original issue, would you mind sharing a screenshot or video or your edit flow? Any specific errors when you try to edit the triggers? Do you run into this issue when you create a new Workflow?

I don't have any issue in new workflow or new trigger if created by myself. However I still can't stop/run/edit any trigger my peer created.

Ah, got it! After looking through our code, it looks like this error is only thrown when your account doesn't have Own access in your permission group. I see that the Engineering currently only has Edit access.

Let me double check with the Workflows team on the intended behavior here :+1:

Confirmed! In order to modify a Workflow trigger on the Business plan, users have to either be (1) the creator of the Workflow or (2) have explicit Own permissions of the Workflow. And you can create a trigger as long as you have at least Read permissions!