Self hosted worksflows wont run triggers

Currently i can access workflows in my self hosted version. I can create a workflow. I can even run the resource located in my workflow. I have created a workflow with a simple trigger and a slack message. The slack resource has been verified that it works, and im able to click the run button run inside the workflow to get the slack message.

But I turned on a trigger to test, one every minute. But nothing happened. Not registered runs or nothing. So time based does not work for me, without any clear signal of why not.

I clicked run, and a run got registered, but the run did not complete, and is in the list of history as running.

I turned the trigger to webhook, and was able to trigger the workflow. But again, it was not completed and just saying running in the history without any logs.

The workflow-worker is still crashing, ref: Self hosted workflows struggles to start - #2 by Kabirdas.

Image of the jobs just running: