Unable to connect "branch" in retool workflow with other blocks. Any workaround for this?

Created a branch module and unable to connect that module with other query/loop/filter block.

Hey @vyshnavi!

Thanks for posting this issue! So far I have been unable to reproduce this, are you still seeing it? If so, could you possibly send over a video of the behavior along with screenshots of the blocks you're trying to connect that display their code?

Hey @Kabirdas ,

Please check the video. I am unable to connect the branch with other block.

Thanks for the video! If you zoom in on your workflow so that the code block displays are you then able to connect?

The developers are looking into making minimized branch blocks more interactable and I can report back here when there's an update. Hopefully, this can get you going in the meantime though.

Hey @Kabirdas ,

Yes. It worked. Thanks a lot :))