Unable to change textinput box height in module


I have an app where I have a text box that I can change the height of if it is in a normal app. In a module however I only see handles to increase the width but the height is not available.

Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 12-52-06 prm Editor Retool
Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 12-53-03 timesheet Editor Retool

Hey @iwbs! It looks like your module might be using the new Text Input component, which can't be dragged taller. The Text Area component is a bit taller, however.

In your app, it looks like you're using the old/deprecated Text Input component, which can be dragged taller.

If you want to continue using the deprecated Text Input component, you can just search "Deprecated text input" in the components list and it'll appear if you have Deprecated components enabled (admins can enable deprecated components by going to Settings > Beta > and toggling on Deprecated Components)