How can I make simple text bigger

I know there was a post about textInput but I can't do it with simple text. I just want to enlarge the font without bolding it

my components is text3

Hey @cinnamon9, I think you are close here but you just need to tweak a couple of things.

1) Remove the <style></style> tags.

2) Change your selector to ._retool-TextWidget2 p

Also, I will reiterate the warning from our docs on Custom CSS -

Use (Custom CSS) with caution as classes and DOM structure may change as new features are introduced. Use style editors or Themes when possible.

Hope that helps :smile:

Why are you using "TextWidget2" when cinnamon9's component was "text3"?

My component is called "text1" so I want to know where to input that into the CSS.

Hello @asud,

under the hood, a text component is of the pluginType TextWidget2

in your case, you can try out