Modules with varying (content-hugging) height?

Hi - is there a way for modules to automatically adjust their height according to the content, similar to how a container would? I'm putting a container into a module, and that does adjust, but it seems to either undershoot over overflow its module container.

Thank you!

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Yes please!

I have a text component in one of my modules that can wrap to multiple lines. Currently when including the module in an app, I have to over-estimate the height so that it can handle multiple lines of text. This is a bummer when the module is inside a modal and I end up with a bunch of blank space at the bottom of the modal when the text component only takes up one line.

plus 1 to this.

Modules auto-adjusting height like containers would be really helpful for me. It's causing a large double scroll issue on the site I'm embedding my app onto.

+1 - this should behave just like all of the other components

Hey folks! The "Auto" height option for Modules is rolling out now! New Modules dragged onto the canvas will default to this mode, and existing Modules can be updated in the inspector.

If you don't see the feature on your account just yet, check back soon!

Hi there, I can't see this feature yet in my module, Do you know what the problem is?
As you can see in the following pic I need auto height in my custom component.

Hi @SarahEslami,

This option should be available within the parent application (which utilizes the module), are you able to see if there?