Unable to add a vector

I am trying to add a vector by going to resources and then clicking retool vector but I am getting an error, does anyone know how to resolve this?
Couldn't find any pre requisites in the documentation

@Tess @Kabirdas @victoria would love some help here as I couldn't find anything in the docs and would love to try out retool AI asap :frowning:

Hi @ritvik_singhvi

Thanks for reaching out! The vectors product is backed by Retool Database, so if you're self-hosting, you'll have to have to spin up a Retool DB to start using vectors (and that db will need to have the pg_vector extension enabled).

I am using the cloud version, not the self-hosted version. What has to be done in that case?

Thanks for letting me know! I'm checking on this internally

sure, please let me know if any other info is needed from me :slight_smile:

one thing i wanted to point out, with my current email, I have accounts in both cloud and self hosted but the above screenshot is from the cloud version only, just wanted to mention if it helps you debug @Tess

It can't be from the self hosted version as retool ai is not even there haha

Hi @ritvik_singhvi It sounds like this error can come up if you haven't used Retool Database before :thinking: if you go to resources and click on Retool Database (retool db) it should initialize. You should be able to use Vectors after that, but if not, I can have our team step in!

:crossed_fingers: Hope that solves it & thanks so much for your patience here. Let me know if you aren't seeing retool db in your resources

it works now. thank you so much @Tess

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