TypeError: e.getNamespace is not a function

Hey guys,

I'm struggling to load in any of my JS queries, in the query editor at the bottom. It started very suddenly, and I can't work out why.

I am running the on premise version, and have been for a while, it's been working fine all day today, but all of a sudden it's no longer working.

Any ideas?

Trace below:

TypeError: e.getNamespace is not a function
    at a (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:823932)
    at http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:1174275
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at f (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:1174141)
    at p (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:1173996)
    at t.default (http://localhost:3000/editor.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2044122)
    at ra (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2700554)
    at Bs (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2752829)
    at Tc (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2739999)
    at Nc (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2739927)
    at wc (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2739790)
    at gc (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2736777)
    at http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2686449
    at t.unstable_runWithPriority (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2763525)
    at Qo (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2686226)
    at Yo (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2686394)
    at Wo (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2686329)
    at _e (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2757349)
    at Zt (http://localhost:3000/app.93d105f7ce996675456f.js:2:2664990)

I think I've found the issue, I had added a datastore resource, and query and when I specify a namespace as a parameter, I can no longer load the js queries in the editor.

As soon as I remove the value from namespace in the datastore query, I can see them again.

Hi @cameron.pearce! Thanks for flagging this to us! I see the same issue on my app. I'll submit this as a bug and post on this thread when we're able to push a fix

Great, thanks for getting back to me @Tess :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this @Tess ? :slight_smile: