Tweaking my FOV

Here my trying to increase my FOV because of my laptop screen:

Having both sidebars pinned shrinks the editor canvas and i can't see how the App actually looks like

Forcing the canvas to be 1360x768 i can see how all components will look like, also reducing right sidebar to get a higher FOV

having 100% zoom i find myself scrolling everywhere and it gets a bit annoying

.editor-canvas {
  width: 1360px;
  height: 768px;

.editor .editor-body .editor-property-manager {
  width: 178px;

.ant-collapse {
  scale: 0.7;
  width: 250px;
  margin: -90px -40px;

What do you guys think?
Any other tweak?

I just realized tweaking the right sidebar (.ant-collapse) brokes some property fields as dropdowns

I feel your struggles and sadly, my solution was an UltraWide monitor :frowning:

The ReTool Editor is very wide

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Hey @Oscar_Ortega! You can unpin the Sidebar (on the left) and the Inspector (on the right) by clicking the pin icons if you want them to automatically close when you click away and onto the canvas. We're also working on some IDE changes to improve the horizontal canvas space that should be ready in the next few months. Our team will post an update here then!

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