Re-arrange panel locations

It would be really handy to be able to move the panels around and dock in different places. For instance I would prefer to have the bottom panel next to the right panel (or the left). I have a wide format monitor and I have room to put all of my panels on the sides, leaving room for a full height editor space.

I realize that multi-window, multi-monitor configurations is not easy on a web-based editor, but panel docking options would help productivity a lot.

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I 100% agree here, it would be even nicer if the bottom panel could be a pop-out and moved outside of the UI designer.

AAAH yes yes yes!! I would pay for this!!! In the meantime, try a vertical screen @bradlymathews , works wonders.

@minijohn I use a 38" curved widescreen at 3480x1600 for my primary display and my only complaint is I need another 600px in height to get the most out of the Retool interface. But just last week I upgraded my side monitor to a 27", 2560x1440 and which also rotates. So I tried it out for a bit. Doesn't work for me. Even with the two side bars closed I only get a 1440px width rather than the 1920px I target. But with either or both side bars open I just can't do it. The massive bottom panel is awesome though!

If I am not duplicating how you have it set up mind sending a screenshot?

Wow, nice setup @bradlymathews, wanted to try out a curved monitor for a while now but haven't gotten myself to really commit yet.

I'm mostly running it at 90% zoom (on the browser, not retool) and you get close to 1600px real-width. Small improvement towards your target :)) , but it makes a diff for me..

Sure, here you go (2 x 27")

If I were younger with better eyesight changing zoom levels might a good solution. As it is I am usually increasing font size!

Nice audio setup! I upgraded to some Edifier R1850 powered bookshelf speakers during last year's Prime Day, but you look like you have a nice reference setup. I'd reciprocate with a pic, but my desk is a bloody mess.

I could go down to 80% some moons ago but either my eyesight is "adjusting" to my age or retool's components are smaller in general.

:see_no_evil: My desk is never that clean, pushed everything behind the monitors...

Got the MR624's a couple of years ago, love them so far.. Looking for acoustic wall panels and a third monitor now.

We need a #crib-wars channel :eyes:

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Hey folks! Just want to mention the IDE redesign beta in this thread for anyone who may have missed the announcement. It offers a number of new option for how you can manage your panels and hopefully it eases some of the difficulties yall have expressed here!