Tutorial: User-defined Accessibility Settings (& More Accessibility Tips)

Hey all - new Retool tutorial up on boldtech.dev ! This time it's about creating user-defined settings within an app, and it's actually the idea that won us the recent Hackathon! You can read the tutorial here.

In this tutorial we run through how to apply these individual user settings to improve accessibility, using CSS to alter font size, line height, font type and more, according to the user's needs - but the idea can be applied to lots of different ideas to create dynamic apps suited to each user.

The idea uses a separate backend where each setting is saved according to currentUser - these settings are then applied to the Retool environment automatically every time that user logs in, without them needing to define these settings manually in each session.

There are also some more tips for how to make sure your apps are accessible to everyone, no matter what their needs are. We urge you to read them and apply them to your own apps too :slight_smile:

Let us know if this has been useful to you - we'd love to hear about other use cases for this settings idea!