Tutorial on saving the edit in a cell in a table

Can someone please make a tutorial on how to get the save feature to work when you edit a cell in a table. I see that this is possibly a new feature. I see a lot of searches on Google on this.


I don't have the time to write a tutorial, but it is as simple as marking one or more columns as 'editable' and assign an action on save.

In my case, the save action will trigger a sql query that updates the data in the db

I think I've done what your saying. The error is where the red asterisks are. It just spins and spins.

Hey @Bill_Beauchemin!

The spinning often happens if there's an issue with the query you're triggering with the save handler, it may be worth taking a look at your debug tools.

Since it looks like you're using the new table here can you try using {{ table1.changesetArray }} instead of {{ table1.recordUpdates }} in your update query?

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