Populating tables from array map, filter, reduce

Hi all.

Javascript noob question. Often, I have a table, and I want to extract a small part of it, and show it in another table. Example use case: I have a csv file loader that then runs a db view to match the inputs to a reference table. There may be some rows that don't have a match; I want to pull out those rows, and pull out a single column for the row identifier

I'm using the table output as my input to a new table. This little bit of code generates an array but it won't populate the table:

	.map(x => x.Auto_row_id)


Is there a very easy Retool method or something I can apply to make this suitable as a table input?

I can use (I think?) object destructuring although I don't really understand how it works. Also, if you have column names with spaces it it gets complex quite quickly, all this for one column. There are a lot of brackets in a pretty small UI for anyone else to follow. Of course I can put it in a transformer, but ideally would just keep it in the table def.

	({['GL Account']:gl_account}) =>
	({['GL Account']:gl_account})

If there's a simpler way it would be great to know. Thanks!

Maybe a Query JSON with SQL resource type will work for you? Just make sure your source for the query (table4.data or whatever) is an array of objects so use formatDataAsArray in the source query for table4.data if needed.

Hey thanks bradly, yep I'll give that a go. cheers