Trace Query Triggers


I am running into an issue where a JS query is running on page load even though the setting for this is turned off (I tried toggling it as well).

I was wondering if there is a way to get a list or trace of all queries and how they are connected. That way, I can trace to see why this one JS query is running unexpectedly.

I saw some older forums that mentioned TriggeredbyID, but that does not appear to work anymore. I also attemped to get to a previously mentioned Dev console which showed a map of queries/ components, but that appears to be a legacy item now.

The timeline tab on the debug console would tell you what fires and the state tab will tell you what controls that query, if anything

Ah! Not sure how I missed that on the state tab. Thank you!

Do you know if there is a visual web/map of the queries and components as well?

There was something the retool showed in 2021 that looks like what I am hoping for. Although I think this was before the debug tool was added,

nope, later in that thread they confirm it was deprecated in favour of the debug panel
The tracing is there though, it shows a stack of what ran and what triggered it, just take a look at the success messages in the Console tab and it'll tell you what ran and why, just like the Chrome debugger does

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