Debugging in browser developer tools doesnt work

Hi just wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue as me. I used to be able to debug queries in Chrome DEV tools but its not longer showing. JW if its retool wide or just myself?

Blog post on Debugging with Dev Tools

Hi @Muin,

Can you share what isn't working for you? It seems to be working as expected for me, but happy to take a closer look

Hi, @Tess sorry just seen this now.

Essentially i'm trying to debug a query using the chrome developer tools. Normally I do what the tutorial in the link above shows but its not working anymore. For example if I want to debug the query shown in the SS its not showing up in the sources tab.

Hi @Muin,

Thanks for the added info! I checked internally, and some recent improvements that we made to our runtime caused this change. We've submitted a feature request to bring this functionality back, and I'll post here when our team tackles it

It sounds like you can workaround this, though it's tedious, by placing a debugger in the JS query code and running it with the inspector open

Thank you! Will use the debugger for now :smile: