Textinput4.value throws error

I've built a keyvaluetable that runs some calcs based on textinput components in my app (length, width, and thickness).

As it stands, textinput2.value and textinput3.value calculate and return values correctly but as soon as I add a third textinput.value to the formulas, my keyvaluetable breaks. I've tried deleting and recreating a third textinput component, checking that the value format is number and not str, but no luck.

I then go into formula and change (textinput4.valuetextinput2.valuetextinput3.value) to (textinput3.valuetextinput2.valuetextinput3.value) and the formula works. Have not been able to find any thread online to troubleshoot and looking for any additional help.


Hey @hadenp92, and welcome to the community! I’m not able to see what you’re referencing via the screenshots. I’m guessing this has something to do with your object formatting - can you share a more detailed screenshot, or maybe record your screen?

hey @justin, thanks for the response. I was able to resolve after playing around the imported formulas more, it was something simple dealing with the extra brackets from the CSV file.

I have another project I’m currently working on and having some difficulty authorizing GMail API to send messages from the Retool platform. Is that something you may be able to help with?? I’m rather green when it comes to API’s and haven’t had much luck reading through the community posts or outside of Retool.


Good to hear @hadenp92! For your Gmail API issue, I'd write into support via Intercom, or start a new topic in #how-do-I and I'll be able to help you there :slight_smile: