Text Area Edit Within Table

Hi Everyone,

We are attempting to migrate some of our workflows from Airtable to Retool. Currently, we have a simple table in Retool which allows editing some of our basic values within our dataset. One of the values is a user bio which is usually large quantities of text (paragraphs). I am trying to make it so that the entire text is readable and editable within the table.

When I enable editing in my column, it's just a single line in the table so it's really difficult to read. Is there a way to make it so that editing that text in the table causes a larger text area to popout?

The other solution I thought of is just having a text area to the right that updates to have the text and have that be editable. The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way in Retool to update the recordUpdates array for the table programmatically? We edit a lot of data in bulk so I can't leverage setData API or else it wipes our our recordUpdates too.

You should use the separate text area and populate that either specific bio data then when edited update the array. This should work. Maybe some screenshots and more context might help. One additional thought is to use temporary states and manipulate them and then update that data but without more context, it’s hard to say what solution would work best