How can I enable editing of BigQuery table data from within my Retool app?

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I'm trying to allow users to update values in a BigQuery table through Retool. I've added the table as a resource and set the primary key, but I'm unable to figure out how to enable writing back changes to the BigQuery table. I've checked the Retool documentation but haven't found the right section that covers this. If someone could kindly point me to the relevant documentation section or provide any tips, I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if any additional details would help! I'm thankful for any guidance the community can offer.

Hi @Firas_Guechchati, welcome to the community :wave:

First off, does your service account have enough permission to update your datasets in BigQuery?
Second, can you show your BQ query on updating your table? For updating, I suggest you use the GUI mode, specify the table and action type. In the action type, you can choose to Update an existing record. Based on how you presented your change process, individual update is how you'd like it. Filter it by your primary key. See image below for what I mean:

You also have a test data there so don't be afraid to test and explore the capacity of Retool x BQ resource.