How to implement real-time editing in a Retool table and reflect changes to all users simultaneously?

I'm trying to streamline data editing within a Retool table, looking for a seamless experience siimilar to Google Sheets, where edits made to a cell are instantly visible to all users. Currently, my process involves using a column type as a modal that a user can click for edits, which adds an extra step and takes users away from the main interface, creating unnecessary friction.

My goal is to enable direct cell editing in the Retool table—much like editing a cell in a spreadsheet—allowing for immediate updates without the need for additional clicks or navigating away from the page.


For example, to change a cell value of a column, users need to click verify and then edit the value in the popup window

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Make the columns editable.
You will need to save the data using Bulk update - check out the docs
If you're looking for multiple users to change the data at the same time I don't believe that is possible on the free version AFAIK

The Goe Getter - Real-time Retool

What docs are you referring to?

At the top of the forums page there is a Docs link

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Hey @reza! As @ScottR mentioned, if you make the cells editable on the table, you can run a 'save' query that will bulk update your underlying db with all the changes so that they are made available to all your users.