Tags list for facet filtering


I'd like to have a kind of tags list component connected to a table like the data filter component.
Based on tags selections it could behave as a facet filter panel.


Hey @cvo, thanks for the request! I've logged this internally and will update you here if I get any movement on that ticket.

Facet filtering is one of the key features of Qlik Sense.
Please have a look to this solution if you want to have a living example of what I mean by facet filtering.
A great feature would be to have the option to include or exclude a selected facet value from the filtered dataset. Currently I don't know any reporting solution that support this option.
By the way, I'm very impressed by Retool, just simply smart

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Thanks @cvo! I've passed that context onto the team and will update you when I can. Glad you are enjoying Retool so far!