Make Tags in Tables Clickable

Make it so that the pills for tags in tables can be clicked, or at least where labels can contain html links.

This can be done in the new table component.

Click the column name to bring up the Column Details and add an Event Handler:

Yes, you can use the event handler for the entire cell, but you can't trigger off of the individual tag or "pill" that was clicked on within that column.

Ahhh I see, you mean for a Tags column, not a Tag column.

Yes, good feature request!

Now if you want to go about this and don't mind a bit of work, you can use this trick but use some CSS to make your links look like pills:

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Requested internally as well! Will follow up here if I get any questions or updates

Is this still outstanding?

Hi @troykelly Yes, it's still outstanding. I haven't gotten any updates yet, other than to see it is in our queue. I'll post here if that changes