Tags component - how to make pills clickable

I really like the way the tags component are setup to add context to my detail page and such, but generally when you have tags in pills, you can click these tags to filter or refine the search results by the said tag. I don't see a way to associate any events with this component? Is this an oversight or is this component just pure visual and not of any functional use?


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hey @huntersinclairtiv ,

the tags component doesn't have event handlers attached to it, unfortunately.
if your HTML and CSS is up to scratch, you could almost assuredly do it with the HTML component

Thanks @DavidD - that is unfortunate. Yea I can write something in HTML - I would like to ideally map the list to a query result set, so not sure how best to do that in the HTML (if there is some way to loop through results to show multiple).
Do you know is there a way to convert the list component to horizontal? Or is there a grid component that could be mapped to the result set where I could maybe just drop in a button as the repeating object?

+1 for making tags in the Tags component actionable with event handlers!

We implemented a tagging system for our database (a tags table and a join table), and already had the Tags component in mind. Was very surprised to go implement the Tags component to find that the tags are not actionable.

I might write a custom component to accomplish this, however, for the interim I was able to create a reasonable facsimile of actionable tags out of the Link List component. In the upper component, a click triggers a detach query, and in the lower, an attach query. The prefix icons are very useful here.

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Oh my it looks like my earlier post was totally off here :sweat: thanks for the extra context! I've linked this thread to the internal request we have for adding event handlers to the tags component so that we can know to post an update if it's included!