Tabs not disabling

I have a tabbed container, where I want to disable some of the tabs based on some conditions.

Recently, I noticed that tabs which had been disabled under certain conditions, were showing up as enabled under those same conditions.

This is confusing: the screenshot below says that I am returning a TRUE in the "disabled" box for my "changes" tab - but the tab is clearly enabled, and I am able to click on it.

Did something change in Retool? I didn't make any changes. This seems like a bug.

OK so I have come across the disabled issue before and it required me to create a new component of the same type and reconfigure it, delete the old one and then rename the new one as the same name....and it worked - sometimes components become "stale" and that state becomes cached.

hello, I can't reproduce it. as @ScottR mentioned, you could right click the component title and choose Reset state

Hey @Henry14! Is this issue still showing up for you? And does Reset state have any impact?