BUG Edits disappear

This happened twice today.
I am so upset with yall right now..

All the sudden a container I was working with just disappears with elements I was building for 4 hours. 8 hours of work down the drain. Thank you Retool. You most certainly make your product look great in the eyes of people laughing at this at this point. Should someone look in to it before I invest another 4 in to another attempt.


I'd love some answers ASAP I'm seriously considering bringing the hatchet to this build all together. This is disrespectful to my time and becoming a waist of money.

weatherstation_container at AssetScreenSingle screen is the component in question. Should contain several graphs and values. Being worked on for 4-5 hours just reverts to its state from before I started with it with a single graph.

Are your changes retrievable via Version and release apps | Retool Docs?

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I made it from scratch for the third time. And Looks like it stayed there. I don't want risking experimenting with it as it is deployed project that a good chunk of scientific community will be staring at tomorrow trying to figure out how to keep a bunch of proud island nations of going full on Atlantis on the world.

But I'll try replicating the issue on a duplicate of this screen see if I can break it and restore via history. Can't make myself remember that it's there. Used to work without it.

Have an update for you.
Today it happened again, and restoring it from Releases and history does work. Still does not explain why this happens and how to stop it from doing it.

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@Scottsky make sure you have one and only one tab open which is editing the app. Whichever tab closes last saves the version. not saying that's 100% the reason here, but worth considering. especially if multiple users may be editing.

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I'll try to keep it to one tab per app.
Although got a bad habit of keeping a bunch open for copy pasting.

Might make sense to give a clear warning that opening second window may cause it.