table1.clearChangeset() only clears the first table in the list

I am having a similar (or same) problem. I am using a table in listview. Using table1.clearChangeset() only clears the first table in the listview instead of all of them. I can't find a way to clear the changeset beyond the first instance of the form within the listview.

Hi @darenhunter Thanks for reaching out! Are you using the new list view? It sounds like you could be running into the scope limitation mentioned here.

I tested this use case with the legacy list view & it seems to be working :crossed_fingers: Hope that helps as a solution for the time being

I am using the new list view. I’ll read up on the info you sent. Thanks

So, that makes sense, I suppose. I'm not sure if I will be technically savvy enough to implement the legacy setup with all the R's and I's. I'm hoping eventually that the clearchangeset eventually may be able to clear changes in multiple repeated table instances? If so - i'd just ride the development lifecycle and tell my users that it'll work eventually and just put an indicator whether all changes were saved or not in the mean time.

Yes, it's something we are planning to support. I'll reach out here when it ships :blush: