[Regression] Table Changeset not being cleared

When saving a changeset to a variable the changeset isn't cleared.

Minimum reproducable app:

  1. Add transformer as data source with random collection
  2. Add table with transformer as data source
  3. Make fields editable
  4. Create variable
  5. Set table save action set variable to changeSetObject and select clear on success.
  6. Change data and Save
    -> Data is saved into variable, changeset is not cleared.


The save action seems to be broken generally. Even on just Confetti as action the changeset is not cleared.

Please fix this asap, this worked before and a critical app is depending on this.

Hi @Bernd_Strehl Thanks for reaching out! I'm looking into this internally.

Since you mentioned this is a critical app, would it work for you to add an event that clears the changeset until we sort out what changed in the product?

Something like this:

I tried this, doesn't work either.

Hi @Bernd_Strehl Thanks for following up :thinking: Can you share some screenshots of your current set up with the clearChangeset()?

Tested it again this morning and now the manual call to clearChangeset works. The automatic clear is still broken.

Ok I'm glad you have a path forward :pray: I will post here when we've fixed the automatic clear bug

Bumping because I am seeing the same thing - was this resolved?

Hi @jg80 Thanks for checking in! :disappointed: Unfortunately, we don't have a fix yet. I don't have an eta for this one, but I'll post here if I get any updates internally

If I can give my 2 cents as a customer: You should prioritise keeping existing things working, over adding new features.

having the same issue here....

This seems to be fixed now, I just used the clearChangeset() function on a table and it worked.