Table with a sum sumary row at the bottom

  • Goal: Table with a sum summary row at the bottom for a time duration based column that isn't moved by resorting

  • Steps: Because retool lacks an inbuilt duration column, I used a string column that has the data in seconds listed which is then converted to hh:mm:ss format via mapped values. The available sum row has no method that I've found to map it's values, but we would like to have a sum value at the bottom .

  • Details: New Table Component

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Hey Daniel, as you noticed the summary row options are limited based on the type of the column you're summarizing. The only string option "Count Unique" doesn't do what you need.

It sounds like you went with a string column because summing seconds wouldn't be very human-readable.

What if, instead of converting to a hh:mm:ss string you converted to hours using decimal places? For example "01:30:00" would become 1.5. Then you could use a number column and the sum option would be available and fairly human-readable:

Unfortunately, that wouldn't work for us as the range and specificity being represented is a priority for us for this table.

Hey Daniel, in that case I suggest you write some custom javascript to sum your duration values and display that sum in a text component below the table. It may not be the cleanest design, but it will satisfy your requirements.

I've also filed a feature request to allow custom JS in a column summary so we can better support use cases like this in the future.