Table resets changes after I click Save Changes

I did exactly as it was shown here

but I have different behaviour:

  1. I am making changes - editing some fields
  2. I click Save Changes
  3. I see message saying that changes were succesfull
  4. And immediately after that I see original data in the table!!! it looks like all my changes were lost
  5. However as I added success trigger to reload data - the table is then reloaded and showing all my changes. So - changes are ok.

But I don't want to see original data after I click Save Changes.
How can I fix this? Or is it a bug in Retool?

Hi there! Do you have an event handler on your table component to watch for "Save changes"?

Yes. Without this Save Changes didn't work. Save Changes IS working. But after I pressed the button I see previous unchanged data, before the table is reloaded with new data

Oh got it! So the update query is running once you click "Save changes", but the data in the table is still the old data. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your update query that you're running? Is it showing any error messages?

@ktrunin or @victoria was this ever solved? Randomly now Im having similar behavior in an app. Click save changes now and my button disappears and sometimes the data saves and sometimes not. Trying to debug as nothing changed with the app.