Table performance issue loading a large data on live public link

Hello! I am displaying a large data on the table using an azure database connection.

When in editor, the table displays the big data after the SQL query executed successfully.

the scenario only happens on live public link, the page becomes unresponsive. Upon checking on the browser developer tool, the data has been fetch successfully. It seems to me that displaying out the data from the query to the table event results to the page being unresponsive. Could this be the component?

This behavior didn't occurred yesterday and only happened a few hours ago and still encountering it til now.

This is from the editor.

And this is from the production/live public link.

That's already a 200 seconds difference using the SAME connections. What could be happening here?


Hey there! If this is still an issue for you, mind grabbing a performance profile and sharing with me via email? (braden AT

Instructions here: Analyze runtime performance - Chrome Developers

When you're done recording, right click in the performance tab and click "Save profile":
Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 12.15.34 PM

This will generate a JSON file which I can import and do some analysis on.

Thanks! :pray:

Hi Braden!

Thanks for the response. I've sent an email with the performance profile from the public link which is also a live version of my app. Also, I added a performance profile from when the app is opened in the editor mode for comparison. Hope to hear from you soon.

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@merginioepp Hey. I'm having a similar problem with performance, did yours get resolved?

Hi @Gio,

Would you mind sharing your performance profile as well? Or, if you need immediate assistance, would you mind writing into the support chat? It's the fastest way to get to a support engineer.