Query Performance is getting worse on average

Been seeing more query performance issues where even simple SQL queries might take 10 seconds to perform and load. Also seeing more timeouts where the query fails to execute entirely.

Even had a JSON SQL query take several seconds where it would normally take milliseconds.

Seeing this on my end as well as with a client in a different state.

Reload page or rerun the query and it's fine again so it is very intermittent.

hi @bradlymathews thank you for reporting this!

Would it be possible to get a chrome performance profile and/or a screenshot of the in app query stats (stats from hovering over query after run)?


I'll do that as I encounter them. Is there any way for my client to do that in a published app? I assume no, but worth asking.

yeah there's no way to view the in-app query stats in a published app but your client can get a chrome performance profile by following the steps here: Analyze runtime performance - Chrome Developers

Hey Brad! Are you still experiencing this performance issue?

I get the occasional failed query and extra latency. Frankly you just get used to it.

But nothing egregious of late.

Got it. Passed along to the engineer looking into this!

Glad nothing egregious. We've made fixes recently, and please continue to reach out if things get worse!