Table loading indicator gone

Have recently upgraded my self-hosted retool from 3.22.1 to 3.33.3 and the loading status of all of my tables has disappeared. So with viewer users, they no longer have any kind of loading indicator. The table just transitions from "No rows to show" to suddenly having rows.

I know that I could put the table inside a container and tie the container's loading state to the query, but we have over 30 apps and all of those have tables. So that solution's kind of undesirable .

Hey @helixbarry! Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of this issue and should have a fix out in the next couple days! I will update this thread once it's fixed.

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Hey @helixbarry -- we fixed this issue, and it should be out on on prem 3.33.10.

Confirmed, upgraded the version to 3.33.12 and the loading indicators are back