Table - Initial page load errors: `frozen_at: cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'every')`

I have a table with products that are listed fine and seem to work properly all around, but I get the error in the title consistently.


The console says it has 1 error but there is nothing in the actual log.


Anyone have any pointers as to where this error might originate from? I did have a frozen column before which I removed to see if the error dissapeared but that doesn't seem to have helped.


Just found the error under the "Linting" part of the console. Still have no clue where it's coming from though...

Hi @Herge Thanks for reaching out! I wonder if it's somehow still referencing that removed column :thinking:

Any chance I can jump into your account to take a look?

If not, no worries! I curious if re-creating the column, ensuring there are no errors, and then removing it would help

Hi @Tess,

Absolutely, the app is "Back Office - Landing pages/Products Landing". Same thing goes for the other two linting errors, I am at a loss as to where these are coming from.

To clarify; I never had a column called "frozen_at", there is no such key in my dataset.


Actually, with the latest runtime the "frozen_at" error seems to have gone away. But the others remain:

If you're going to check you can use the "develop-emil" stage to go against my development database.

Hi @Herge,

I made a copy of your app and took a look at it in "develop-emil." Interestingly, I am not able to reproduce this error if I add a new TranslationField module or if I duplicate the TranslationField module and add that module copy to the app. I wonder if creating a new component would work for the time being? I'm wondering if we have a bug where resolved errors are still showing

Alright, interesting. I will have a look at that. Thanks!