Table hover is broken after upgrading to new table control


I run v2.99 and I recently upgraded my grid controls to the new ones, but a key feature--the overflow text hover--has stopped working. No popup appears if I hover over the ellipsis.

Old control behavior:

I tried permutations of these settings but they have no effect at all.

The table cell is type=Text (I tried Auto too--no effect)

There is no hover text in the new control. How do I get it back?

Hey @Francis!

This currently isn't supported in the same way with the new table. The only expand-on-over type capabilities it offers at the moment are similar to those shown in this post. There is a feature request to add tooltips to table, however, that you can track here!

Hey @Francis! In case you missed it, I just want to make sure you're aware that, as of version 3.2, you can set cell overflow to display on hover via the cell tooltip option. You can find that in the settings for the specific column:

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