I want to add tooltip or mouse over modal on hover

I have table of all products and I want add a tooltip or ( modal on hover ) on one column.
I can't seem to find any functionality or feature in table or any component itself. Can you please help?

You can use <abbr title="logic here if you want it along with hover information"">some display info</abbr> in the Value field for that column

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Thanks @ScottR ! Didn't know about abbr.

@Retoolers, still, can this be (or is it already) a feature request for the Legacy (and New) table, or other components ? I wish I could copy the tooltip value for use elsewhere (sql, email,...), which is especially useful if the tooltip is a computed value.

Adding yet-another button as workaround for that is obviously a bad idea.

Hi there @yiga2! On the new table component, there is an add-on for adding tooltips to column names.

We do have an existing feature request for tooltips on table cells that we are tracking. However, no estimates for when this will land at the moment. As Scott described above, the work-around would be to set the column type to HTML and wrap the value in <abbr> tags.