Table gets empty when reloaded

In a table I have created, for the first time, it shows data correctly, but when reload is triggered, the table becomes empty. Please let me know if this is a. bug on your end or I am doing it wrong.

image when there is data.

After just reloading table data

Even the columns in inspect element gets to 0. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Please help asap.

P.S: Expected data still persists in the variable, but the table and columns get to empty.

Hey @rshubh!

This is very odd behavior :grimacing: For some context:

  1. Are you seeing this both in editor and preview mode?
  2. What version of Retool are you on?
  3. Would you mind sharing additional screenshots of your table settings along with the settings for allActiveTLs?

I'm also curious to know if re-triggering the query manually (instead of using the refresh button) causes the same issue.

  1. Yes
  2. The version is 2.100.6
  3. Sure, I haven't configured anything else in table, just displaying the data:

Here's the query and it's running perfectly fine:

any update here? @Kabirdas

I haven't found anything yet - would you mind sending over an export of the app so that I can take a closer look? If you don't want to share it here you can DM me or write in directly either via or the menu in the bottom right of your app: