Table filters are not applied on mapped column value

Hi Tess,

New Retool user here.
I have the same issue with the new table component.
I have a mapped field that has a integer data value that is mapped to a table for the data display.
the filter action on that column only filters the value and not the display.

Hi @Shegs,

I'm able to reproduce this too :disappointed: Thanks for flagging! I am reaching out to our team internally

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Hey @Tess,

To toss my hat in the ring as well, I am still seeing this behavior as well on the new table version.


Added your +1! :disappointed:

Same issue here.


@Tess Any news or potential ETA for when a fix would go in for this?

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Hi there! Unfortunately, I don't have an eta for this one :disappointed: I'll let the team know you've checked in

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Thanks @Tess, this is one of those things that as we have our data system normalized actually impacts a lot of our workflow with the filtering. Let me know if this is something that plans on being addressed.

This makes it very difficult. Are there any workarounds?

@Tess Any update? This bug makes things difficult for our workflow.

No update yet, unfortunately :disappointed: It is in our queue to be fixed, but it's hard to say what the timeline will be. I'll add this feedback to the internal ticket!

@Tess Just following up to see if there has been any traction. I can see that it has been a bug for a while. Any news or way to escalate this a little bit?

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I would like to filter by mapped values.

@Tess Upvoting this issue as well, bummed it's been a lingering issue for so long, as it's a pretty confusing user experience. Thanks!

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