Table filters are not applied on mapped column value

Hi @sean thanks for checking in! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to push a fix for this yet. :disappointed: I'll keep you posted as soon as I have an update

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I'm also running into this. It'd be great to have this fixed. Any updates?

This is now fixed! :blush: Let us know if you continue to see any issues

I just ran into this issue today. It's the same behavior as the original poster described.

I'm using the updated table component.

Hi @Tech_Hallo sorry about that! It looks like we had another bug that was conflicting with our fix for this bug. This fix should be available for you very soon. I'll update the thread when I hear more

@Tess Hello, curious if there is an update on this issue?

Hi @crhayes Thanks for checking in! I don't have a fix for this quite yet, but I'll post here as soon as I do

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Hi @Tess do you have any news regarding this issue?
Thank you!

Hi @techaf No concrete update yet! We are currently working on a significant table upgrade which should resolve this

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ok @Tess thank you! Do you have any predictions of when it will be released?

I don't have any specific timelines yet :disappointed:

I am hoping we'll have something later in Q1, but it's hard to say at this point

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Hello @Tess is this fixed by now or soon to be fixed?

Thank you for checking in! Not quite yet :disappointed:

Will still post here with any updates though!

Any update on this topic?

Hi @PaFi thanks for checking in! It looks like I wasn't notified properly of updates here :disappointed: We haven't solved for this in the legacy table yet, but the new table should work!

Hi Tess,

New Retool user here.
I have the same issue with the new table component.
I have a mapped field that has a integer data value that is mapped to a table for the data display.
the filter action on that column only filters the value and not the display.

Hi @Shegs,

I'm able to reproduce this too :disappointed: Thanks for flagging! I am reaching out to our team internally

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Hey @Tess,

To toss my hat in the ring as well, I am still seeing this behavior as well on the new table version.


Added your +1! :disappointed: