Table Filter by Hidden Columns

Allow filtering a table's content by columns that are hidden allow better control. Right now this can be done programatically by using the table.setFilters() function. For example, on the table below, I could not use the filter button to say "Media Area = 25" because, while it is provided by the data of the table, it is hidden from view. However I could apply that filter if I use an event handler to table.setFilters({columnName:'MEDIA AREA',operator:'equals',filterValue:25}).

Cott./Syn Blend Beverageb. Fr 25
Fiberglass Waxed Fr. 50

Can the table's filter button be extended to show columns present in the data source but not in the visual? Additionally, being allowed to type in the column selector of this filter button (similar to how a fuzzy search works in a drop down) would be FANTASTIC.

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