Table Filter by Hidden Columns

Allow filtering a table's content by columns that are hidden allow better control. Right now this can be done programatically by using the table.setFilters() function. For example, on the table below, I could not use the filter button to say "Media Area = 25" because, while it is provided by the data of the table, it is hidden from view. However I could apply that filter if I use an event handler to table.setFilters({columnName:'MEDIA AREA',operator:'equals',filterValue:25}).

Cott./Syn Blend Beverageb. Fr 25
Fiberglass Waxed Fr. 50

Can the table's filter button be extended to show columns present in the data source but not in the visual? Additionally, being allowed to type in the column selector of this filter button (similar to how a fuzzy search works in a drop down) would be FANTASTIC.


Yes! I have the same need. I have a column with a long text (free text), and I don't want to show that on the table, but I do want to search (contains) based on that column. Having the ability to use the current filtering widget on hidden columns would be extremely welcomed for my use case.

Hey there folks!

If you click on a particular column in the new table and choose to hide that column instead of removing it then it should still be available in the filter UI:

Can you let me know if that works?

Is there a way to avoid that a hidden column shows up in the filters?


I have the exact same thing. I would like to do the opposite. Have columns hidden, but not show up in the filter UI. Would be great to have for each column the option whether it is filterable or not, or just an option for the filter UI to allow filtering hidden columns or not

Not at the moment @devdieter though it is something on the dev team's radar! Thanks for posting your feedback here as well @samve. Good to know that people are looking to have both behaviors available!


Does this still work?
I have hidden columns in my table (that are not removed) and only filter rule options are those that are shown.

Hi @w2go Thanks for checking in!

Looks like the table now doesn't allow filtering by hidden columns - we've shared the feedback with our team that folks want both behaviors, so we'll keep you posted.

Could you work around this by using the filter component connected to your table?

I'm not sure I understand your suggested workaround.

The filter component has an option to connect it to a table component & it looks like the standalone filter component supports filtering by hidden columns still.