Removing specific column from the default table filter

I have a table showing my data, and in that data there is a column named, let's say, PROJECT_ID. that is an id referring to a project from another table in an sql database. I want this column to be hidden, because it does not need to be shown in the table. But the column should still be in the table because if I remove it, the value won't show up in the editing form when a row is clicked.

the default filter addon is enabled so that a user can filter the table to their liking. But in there, it shows all columns in the table by default. Is it possible to not show hidden columns in this filter addon? I have multiple of these columns that are hidden, but still needed. So it would be nice to have finer control on which ones are filterable.

Is it possible for you to share a screenshot?

The table filters allow to define rules for all columns, whether the column is hidden or not. It would be great if the filter rules would only show non-hidden column names.

Hey folks! Thanks for the feedback here. We have an internal feature request ticket tracking this issue and will try and let you know when it has been fixed!

To add to the use cases, i actually have columns in my table that are visible that are not data. For example, i have buttons in the first column that allow a user to edit / delete a row of a data, this column is there to improve the editors experience, but they show up in the filters. If the solution was just "hide the already hidden columns" then this would not solve it for all users. I would actually like an option on the filter toolbar item to select which columns should be included in the filter list. This way we have total control over the filters we make available to users.

Also will be useful to somehow have separate filters (default filters and user filters) because in the table filters user can clear all filter even default ones and all components attached to the default filters will cause confusion