Table dropdown - direction when bottom of screen

  • Goal: When a user tries changing a tag which is right at the bottom of the table (in a container using Expand Content to Fit) the dropdown will show just one value and a scrollbar (sometimes there isn't even space for the scrollbar).

I would like for the dropdown to be shown upwards rather than downards

Here is a picture with dropdown on the third last row:


And one for the last row:

And last row with smaller screen (actually just noticed that all my users have this, as what I see in edit mode is slightly different, see above)

Not sure if there is an easy way to fix this. Thanks!


I was able to reproduce this, @MiguelOrtiz! We created a FR to make the dropdown render upwards if it's close to the window's boundaries. I noticed that if we use a Tags format instead of Tag, the dropdown will adjust after the first selection. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for picking this up @Paulo! Would you mind getting back to me once this fix has been deployed??

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Definitely! I'll update you here when it's deployed.

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