Dropdown in new table component

Is it possible to get a dropdown in the new table component similar to the old table component?

I see that there is the option to do tags, but it would nicer to have a dropdown like in the old table component and for the dropdown to be able to be as wide as the column (to avoid cutting off text):

Hi Olly,

I like your thinking and have updated the topic to Feature Request as it is not currently possible to change it to drop down (instead of tags) nor edit the max width (as you would do for a select component).

And the option to use captions. I've been misusing avatars as dropdowns in some cases because they offer much more rich content, but I havent been able to get rid of the avatar pic.

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Hi @OlliePartly , Alice here from Support :wave: Thanks for the feedback here. I have let the Engineering team know that long options are getting truncated in the dropdown - would be great if we can give app editors the option to extend the dropdown window to the longes option. I'll let you know on here when/which version this will be possible when I hear back.
You should be able to use the tags in the new table just like the dropdown in the old table otherwise. If that's not the case let me know what you are trying to do, please.
Regarding your comment, @erispoe , I have added another request for more rich content options in our tag options also and will let you know when things like captions can be added for each option :raised_hands: