Table control column formatting issue in Safari

Having trouble with the table control in the Safari (not seeing the issue in Chrome or Firefox). Columns with content that exceeds the column width are jumpy - making the form unusable. I can provide a link to screen recording so you could see the issue

Hi Chris! A link to a screen recording would be helpful to see what the issue is.

Yikes. Yeah that doesn't look very good. Do you mind if I ask the support team to try and reproduce that issue by accessing your account?

yes that's ok

Thanks. We just tried logging in and opening the same app in your Vimeo and it seems to be working fine on our version of Safari. We did however, find that if you change the "Zoom" of the browser to 110%, things started going a bit crazy like in your video.

Hitting "CMD+0" to reset the zoom back to the default zoom fixed it for us. Can you see if that works for you?

Yes setting the zoom back to actual resolved the issue