Table component with clickable cells

I am a big fan of the table component and I have been using the row actions a lot.
However ss there a possibility to have a table component where a click event on the cell could open a modal displaying properties of the clicked cells?

This is what I have found that could drive you in the right direction.

Afaik, you can't get cell-specific information when clicking on a row :expressionless:.

The next best solution would be to trigger your modal on "row select" and just show the whole row instead of just one cell (since you don't know which cell got clicked).

Hey @yann, It looks like this should be possible if you reference the table1.selectedCell property! That property lets you reference whichever cell is currently selected (in other words, whichever cell was last clicked). I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Waaat, that's super cool. I had no idea. Excuse the false info guys.