Access currentRow's values in modal popup?

Hi there,

I'm trying to add functionality to a table where each row has an "Edit" column that should link to a modal pop up. I would like the given pop up to display information from the other columns in the current row, i.e. name and target_value.

However, I am getting that currentRow is not defined in the text component I dragged into the modal pop up. How can I access that information here?

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Hey Sarah,

You can try using .selectedRow from table i.e. {{}} instead to populate modal.

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Thanks Stefan, this worked perfectly!

Related question - how can I trigger the modal custom column to close in a query? With other modals I can use modal1.close(), however how can I access the custom column's modal?


Not sure if this is doable with the custom column where type is modal.

However me being a master of workarounds :smile: I'd suggest having a modal somewhere on the editor with hidden set to true, then adding a action button which will open the modal and then you can normally close the modal within the JS.


Hope this helps!


Thank you Stefan, this workaround did the trick for me! Thanks as always for being so helpful!

We'll be supporting opening modals/frames when clicking on a cell in a table! This work has been merged into our codebase, but will ship with an upcoming Cloud deploy, so keep an eye out :eye:

Thank you all for your feedback and patience here!