Looking for a Modal component popup when clicking on table row

The Modal is a great feature but I would like to be able for the Modal container to pop up when I click on a table row. I would like to click on a row to see more detail and possibly update values in the table as needed on a Modal popup type view.

Hello @Mhazrat! So there are a couple of ways you could get this working:

  1. You can choose a “Modal” type for any column in a table - and then drag whichever components you’d want to use (text, statistics, another table, etc.) into that modal
  2. You can use a regular Modal component, configure it to open when clicking on a table row, and then populate it with the selected row’s data (and add textinputs for updating values, etc.)

Would either of these work? I can give you more detail on either!

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Ah I was looking in the wrong location, yes I see the option under table column config. Let me give that a try but I think this is what I was looking for. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply!

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